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Welcome To PharmaADME

Welcome to PharmaADME. An industry initiated effort was launched to develop a consensus, “Core List” of standardized “evidence based” drug metabolizing (ADME) genetic biomarkers that are broadly applicable to many pharmaceutical clinical trials and FDA drug submissions. The effort was driven by a unique multidisciplinary group of representatives from the pharmaceutical industry and an academic center. Our goal was to develop a list of genes and genetic biomarkers that could be screened using today’s technology platforms to identify predictors of pharmacokinetic variability that could impact drug safety and efficacy in the current drug development process. Through a phased process and using pre-defined criteria, the group identified a “Core List” of 32 ADME genes, which includes 184 markers that can be used to screen subjects in clinical trials. This work has become the basis for two different commercially available assays and complete information can be found on the ADME Core gene and marker list on this site.

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